Create your company profile.

Keepint offers its members a section dedicated to the detailed description of their business activities: the history, it’s mission, the values ​​that distinguish the company brands and the relevant information to get in direct contact with them.

Create a product information sheet.

Create a product information sheet. Keepint gives its’ members the opportunity to create and expand, at their discretion, a section devoted to the description of the products and services their company offers. These are first presented in a clear and effective list, and after described in detail using all the information you deem necessary: texts, product sheets, features, photographs, and audio-video.

This allows those who explore this section and are interested, to immediately assess what is on offer and have direct contact in order to purchase or receive more information.

Create a business card.

Keepint gives you the opportunity to highlight key people in the company with a dedicated business card displaying a photo, role description and direct contact details.


Talk to the right person.

Save time and get straight to the point by communicating directly with the professionals concerned.
Keepint offers a section devoted to the people in key positions within the company:
a gallery of "virtual business cards" is just a click away where you can interact via:

Direct contact is very useful to those wishing to communicate with your company quickly,
safely and without unnecessary intermediaries, communicating directly with the core business.


  • Get in direct contact with companies in all sectors
  • Great exposure thanks to the product information sheets
  • Advanced search function to help find companies of interest
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